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Gourmet bowl mat

Gourmet bowl mat

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Gourmet bowl mat for cats&dogs

The timeless and elegant feeding mat

FDA certified & BPA free
Easy to clean & dishwasher safe
Catches food and water very well
With our Gourmet bowl mat we want to combine something practical with something stylish for the feeding area. Due to the unique shape and harmonious colors, it brings personality to every cat's&dog’s home.

This timeless feeding mat is made of FDA-certified and BPA-free silicone. It is therefore non-toxic, odorless and dishwasher safe. The place set for cats is also easy to clean and ensures a clean feeding place. The elegant lines are not only a beautiful design element, they also catch dirt and water droplets.

The bowl mat can be ideally combined with any feeding bowls, feeding stations and drinking fountains. The place set for cats is non-slip and protects the floor from scratches, liquids and dirt.

The size of the feeding mat was also chosen carefully. The elongated shape should ensure that the feeding station is not too wide and takes up less space in the room. It is the perfect designer silicone bowl mat for every modern cat&dog at home.


Dimensions: 50 x 28 cm

Material: 100% silicone (FDA certified & BPA free)

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