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Enjoy Matatabi Sticks

Enjoy Matatabi Sticks

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Playful dental care.

Encourages play.
Natural dental care.
Promotes dental health.
Large packaging unit.

The untreated Enjoy Matatabi Sticks are a playful snack for in between meals. The Matatabi Sticks are dried branches of the Matatabi plant, which originate in Japan. They are also known as Japanese catnip. The scent, like catnip or valerian, can have a euphoric effect on cats. Chewing the wood can also reduce bad breath and tartar. The wooden sticks are natural dental care for cats!

The health and well-being of our four-legged friends is particularly important to us, which is why we attach great importance to the naturalness and origin of our products.

A total of 15 matatabi sticks are contained in a recyclable can.

Content & Materials:

100% natural product

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